Geofiction can be used for a number of purposes within the corporate world.

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Customer experience
A customer experience roadmap generated in a series of workshops for a big international financial corporation. The map is slightly altered to omit private information for publishing purposes.

Dorothee van Vredenburch, ING Group Managing Director of Corporate Communications & Affairs

“A portrayal shows more than a thousand words. On the basis of a map it is possible for everyone to recognize and identify certain areas and enhance the importance of historical developments. “Storytelling avant la lettre”. To share the origin of a company or a transaction is crucial to a future cooperation. A Life-line map can be so beautifully produced that one can put it on show anywhere. Accessible to everyone”.


Throughout the years, geofiction has proven to be a great medium for analysis and development of vision within organizations. The concept of the company-workshops is authentic, tried and flexible. Making a company map together is a very creative instrument for team-building and company coaching. A special moment during the workshop is the presentation of a rough sketch of the company in which the participants can recognize their company in all its facets. This sketch will be complemented, optimized and completed by the participants. At your request the final result is made into a monumental map of which copies can be made for all the participants.

Sandra Vintges, Ernst&Young: “A very special, useful and pleasant workshop on wonderful location (The Olmenhorst Estate). Together we charted the company. A very good result! Truly recommendable!”

Raymond van der Laan, Acision: “We had a terrific geofiction-workshop with our R&D team. Martijn’s contagious enthusiasm brought about exactly what we envisioned: a shared image of our team and its position in the organization, now and in the future. An ideal teambuilding event with a beautiful end result, which hangs proudly on the wall of our office.”

Bart-Jan Vreeman, DHV:

“An informal, pleasant, and active workshop with enthusiastic guidance! And the result ‘Put yourself on the map’ is just that. This workshop is the ideal way to get to know each other better whilst having a drink and a bite to eat.”

The first step in the process is taken in preliminary talks between Martijn Kessler and the client. Here the shape of the company landscape for the workshop is formed and the specific mode is decided. The mode can differ a great deal depending on the company, the number of participants in the workshop and the client`s wishes.

Example of a working map.

Detail of the final result of a workshop for Elsevier Operations

The result of a workshop for the Rabobank.

Discussions and brainstorm-sessions about a new direction or a reorganization can be visualized by Studio Kessler prior to the workshop, these visualizations are a perfect stepping stone to a geofiction workshop. After the workshop is over there can be an evaluation and a possible follow-up.

Final result of workshop for Elsevier Operations. Sketches made by the participants were compressed into one map and all of were offered a copy.