Change is accelerating, organisations are becoming more complex, communication is becoming more important. Roadmapping brings communication, insight and clarity together, and ensures fast, tangible and inspiring results. For almost every communicative issue in an organisation, roadmapping is a binding and revealing instrument. We offer roadmapping workshops for groups up to 100 people, and develop webapplications for large companies. 

Roadmapping Workshop

Impressie samenwerking

In the Roadmap method, depending on the module, an organisational path is explored, mapped and anchored in the organisation in one or more workshops.

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An important facet of the process is the joint realisation of the final product, ‘The Roadmap’.
Roadmapping is an exceptional instrument for creating commitment, engagement and assurance of the new route.

Roadmapping has been developed to playfully and entertainingly map, interpret, discuss and shape both the soft and hard sides of organisational processes. It is a catalyst for dialogue and is full of humour, reflection and creativity. The entertaining element of roadmapping contributes to the retention of new information and ideas.

In the different roadmap formats of Studio Kessler, specific issues are worked on. Various techniques such as SWOT analyses, Lean-culture, business set-ups and ABC analyses are used as support. Studio Kessler works together with specialists such as Marius Rietdijk, Marc Lammers and Frank van der Laan.

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– Safe dialogue.
– Tangible roadmap with assurance of agreements.
– Visual confirmation (Jaap Murre, professor of neuropsychology at the University of Amsterdam, demonstrated in 2010 in a large-scale study that 60% of people learn better with visual support).
– Shared image and ownership of that image and the direction it takes.
– Vertical and horizontal transparency. What is going on in the different layers?
– The vertical and horizontal connection of goals and processes.
– More cohesion within a team, group feeling, ‘everyone is involved’.
– Catalyst of the strategic conversation.
– Better decision-making through insight and dialogue (leading to the right strategy and change).
– Out of the box thinking. From here and now to there and then.
– Support for a new course.
– Less fear, anger and disappointment and more joy.

The individual results of the specific formats are listed with the formats.

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