Every process of change within your organisation is a journey. Planning and literally charting the road to the future together with the people involved creates engagement and commitment. The final roadmap that will come out of this process will secure the agreed track that is pointed out. The choices that are made are clearly visible for everyone.

Visualisation of a roadmap course of four workshops for T Mobile. When iteration and dialogue are combined, they elicit people’s opinions, believes, attitudes and conclusions.

Do you effectively want to take care of the process of change within your organisation? The roadmap methodology of Companymap helps you create engagement and commitment for changesto organize a change development horizontally and to consolidate the changes eventually with a compact and very visible tool.

Roadmap methodology helps people to abandon their own views and embrace better co-created pictures

Multiple different modules can be chosen, all centered around the concept that every change is a journey. By cohesively mapping the journey with associative cartography and with the help of Studio Kessler’s module, the journey will become clear and transparent for all involved.

With the Roadmap methodology of Studio Kessler new strategies get mapped and anchored in the organisation with a course of workshops

The method of Studio Kessler is created to portray both the hard and the soft side of a changing workspace in a playful and entertaining way. Studio Kessler’s workshops are inspiring, horizontal and to-the-point. No beating around the bushes!

Studio Kessler’s method utilizes the following points:

1. Explain the need for change clearly. It’s inevitable!
2. Control the change by asking your fellow workers the right questions. They get the choices and influence. Agree about the questions, not the answers.
3. Involve as many people as possible about the decisions. (Use the wisdom of the crowd)
4. Stimulate discussion.
5. Prototyping; give plenty of space for mistakes in the implementation-fase.