Associative Carthography

Trump Golden Showe

Playing the Trump card! A vizualisation of Christopher Steel’s crazy allegations of a secret film about Trump and a glimpse at the reign of the American president.

Any being, any process and any identity can be translated into a geographical metaphor. Studio Kessler is specialised in translating our truths, our perspectives and our dreams into associative cartography.


Detail of an artwork for an owner of a dutch company. He finds his organisation and life path reflected on the map.

Associative cartography creates a clear view of things and helps us to experience our own world from another perspective. The power of associative cartography is based on the limited possibilities of language. It is a challenge to chart the relation between experiences and structures. Studio Kessler’s associative cartography is a unique concept that adds meaning to the spoken and written word.

Terra Renalis

Detail from a map, presented to a nephrologist, in occasion of his Ph. D. This detail represents the kidney and it’s transplantation process, in which the internist is specialized. On the map his carier is visualized as well as his lifecycle, all in his personal landscape.

We carry out art- and communication projects for both profit and non-profit organisations, as well as private projects. The roadmap-method has proven to be an effective and powerful instrument for change management. Studio Kessler has thirty years of experience in translating complicated processes into cartography. We are proud to present an exceptionally talented team of professionals to help you visualize the invisible.

Rudolf light
Haven van Geluk

Harbour of Happiness


The Brexit and the Turmoil Coast, detail

Brexit Web

The Brexit and the Turmoil Coast.