If one thing is clear, the climate is changing rapidly. During the Covid pandemic this became increasingly visible, the world is changing, exponentially. We must adjust our strategies, and perhaps reinvent our marketing, acquisition, and products. How do we communicate this with our workforce?

What better instrument than road-mapping to think about, design, and together visualize a new strategy?

A picture says more than a thousand words. With the help of a map, it is possible for everyone to recognize and identify certain areas and increase the importance of historical developments. “Storytelling avant la lettre”. Sharing the origins of a company or a transaction is crucial for future cooperation. A lifeline map can be done so beautifully that one can display it anywhere. Accessible to everyone.

Roadmapping & Workshops

Change is accelerating, organizations are becoming more complex, communication is becoming more important. Roadmapping brings communication, insight and clarity together, and ensures fast, tangible and inspiring results.

Deal Gifts

Mirroring the complex process of deal making, Studio Kessler’s associative cards are detailed, beautiful and personal.

Map of your life

The imaginary cards we commission are like mirrors – both for the giver and the receiver. Every detail evokes a memory!

A wonderful way to celebrate wedding couples and anniversaries